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Ragi, also known as finger millet, is an essential millet that grows in various regions in India. After wheat, rice, corn, sorghum, and bajra, this Finger millet/Ragi ranks sixth in India’s grain production. This finger millet/ragi has a similar nutritional profile to sorghum and other cereals. When this ragi packet is sprouted- it is considered a superfood and is easily digestible. It is a gluten-free ragi millet, which is rich in fiber, protein, and antioxidants. Finger millets are high in calcium, which aids in the formation of strong bones. It raises Vitamin C levels in our bodies and aids iron absorption in the bloodstream after consumption. It helps to prevent premature aging and thanks to its high antioxidant and phenolic content.

The finger millet is high in dietary fiber, which aids in normal bowel function and digestion.

Sprouted ragi porridge is an excellent complementary food given to children of 6 months and above.

Since it is high in potassium, it can be used by people with hypertension as part of their everyday meals.