Nandini Curd 500 G


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Nandini curd is one of its renowned products that is known for its smoothness and its pleasant and refreshing taste. Nandini set curd is a highly versatile, health promoting and of high valuable therapeutic value. Nandini curd is an excellent Probiotic which provides friendly bacteria and promotes healthy digestion. Nandini curd products are therefore a great alternative to artificially produced probiotics as it is natural and more beneficial. Just add a pinch of salt or sugar to your bowl of curd and transform it into a healthy and delicious evening snack. Nandini curd has zero carbohydrates, zero sugars, zero-trans fats and 20% calcium for growing bones. These Nandini curd items are a healthy alternative to the junk food if you are all set to lose weight the healthy way.

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