We Bring In Premium Quality Products

Farm2Retail Agro Pvt. Ltd. (F2R) is an FSSAI- certified company that works relentlessly to provide the best quality of products, procured from best sources at affordable prices to customers.

We are an e-growcer organisation that is convenient for the consumers and has the best selection of products. We aim to set a benchmark in quality, convenience at reasonable cost.

F2R has plans to become a trusted e-commerce retail chain that will brings in premium-quality products directly to consumers. We intend to offer product choices spread over “rices to spice” such as grains, spices along with dry fruits, branded oils, salt, sugar, etc.

Whether you are stuck at home, too tied-up to go to the shop, or simply want to save time or spend that quality me-time with family, just visit our website or app for bringing the best growcer home.

F2R is committed to fill the gap in sourcing best quality produce. In this unorganised market segment of food and  commodity market, F2R intends to reduce the gaps in the system by adopting rightful sourcing strategies that guarantee quality at best price. Our products are in their most natural form, premium pricing.  F2R will soon become the most prudent choice in pure and premium grains & spices on the e-growcer platform.

Our vision

A customer-centric approach that meets growcer needs in balance with a thriving ecosystem that will also support small producers and manufacturers. We intent to restructure the unorganised agricultural-farming segment with corporate-level farming that will support organised farming and also bring in best quality grains and spices right to the dining table.

Our mission

To be the one-stop-shop of a cosmopolitan consumer with a mission of one-India and one-Shop for “my” Growcer needs. We want to bring in innovation and improvement in farming techniques and productivity. 

We aim to deliver products in their purest form to every household in the nation country.

We believe, by addressing the demand-supply gap with strategic sourcing, we can offer the best food choices at competitive prices.

Our Strength

F2R believes in functional collaboration. With innovation in farm production and integrity in our consumer relationships, we can serve the nation and all our stakeholders.
Our strength lies in our direct sourcing strategy. By eliminating the stages between the farm and your doorstep, we ensure that seasonally grown products reach you without any delay and in their best form.
Our certified quality inspection team closely follows the journey of all our products from source to delivery. We do not encourage use of chemicals or preservatives in our products.

Our e-commerce platform ensures hassle-free shopping of staples. We pack products at our farm and ship them directly to your kitchen ensuring the best quality and most affordable prices.


We are shipping our products through out the India and We accept all kind payment.

Best Quality

We are concentrating more on the quality of the product And we giving more imprtence for helth.

Best Offers

Best offers available on all the product of ours and the products will be worth for money

Secure Payments

Prior importance is given for the security and we are using the best payment gateway.